2017 Tournament Results

 June 7th – TLC Landscaping Tournament

Fourteen teams competed in our first tournament of the season, a mixed pairs event sponsored by theTLC Landscaping Company.   The winners (pictured above) were David and Sandra Jefferies from the Galetta Lawn Bowling Club.  Bob Elliott presented the trophy on behalf of the sponsor.  Other winners were:

2-Game High – Gianni Bertazzo & Malvary Cole, Elmdale LBC; and

1-Game High – Wally & Gwen Kozar, Elmdale LBC.

June 24th – RE/MAX Hallmark Ottawa Realty Tournament

 Our second tournament of the season was a mixed triples format in which a woman had to skip.  Twelve teams competed, and the winners (pictured above) were Malvary Cole, Ben Tardiff and Soren Sorenson from the Elmdale Lawn Bowling Club.  Other winners were:
3-Game High (Runner-up) – Rosalie Parsons-Brown, David Smith & Greg Brown, Elmdale LBC;
2-Game High – Michelle Mackay, Blaine Philips & George Ireland, Highland Park LBC; and
1-Game High – Sandra Jefferies, Russ Oataman & Karen Oatman, Galetta LBC.
 July 22nd – Fisher/Fraser Precision Pairs
Our third tournament featured three different games of pairs, with scoring focused on the number of ends won rather than on the usual overall game score.  The winners (unfortunately with no photo) were John Wilson and Pat Rose of the Galetta LBC.  Other winners were:
2nd Place – Peter Aldous and Joelle Masse Russell, Nepean LBC;
3rd Place – Rico and Flo Silvestro, Galetta LBC;
4th Place – Charlie Chamberlain and Tina Dutta, Elmdale LBC;
5th Place – David and Sandra Jefferies, Gletta LBC; and
6th Place – Gordon Schade and Karie Chant, Elmdale LBC.
 September 9th – Club Novice Singles Championship
This was the third year of this tournament.  The winner was Rene Boucher (pictured above waiting to deliver a bowl), who triumphed over Gary Wong (pictured above delivering a bowl) in a hard-fought final.
 September 10th – Dawn Morewood & Clementine Van Vleen Funtastic
 Our final tournament featured 14 four-person mixed teams competing in a series of formats: mixed pairs; open singles/mixed triples; pairs/women’s pairs; and mixed fours.  The winners (pictured above) were the team of Malvary Cole, Gianni Bertazzo, Dawn Voisey and Ben Tardif from the Elmdale LBC.
September 16th -District Novice Championship
The 2017 District Novice champions (pictured above) were decided through competition at the Highland Park and Elmdale Clubs.  Both champions, Dawn Voisey and Mark Sanders, are from the Elmdale LBC.  Congratulations!!